Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Save those boxtops!!!!

If you buy products like Cheerios, Ziploc, Kleenex, Hefty, Betty Crocker, Welch's, Pillsbury, Old El Paso, Green Giant, Totinos, etc. and aren't saving the BoxTops symbols from them - you're throwing out money.

Why?  Because those little BoxTops can bring good money on Ebay.  Usually 10 cents plus per Boxtop.   If there was a dime (or more) attached to that package would you just throw it out? 

To see what I'm talking about - look at the expired auctions on Ebay:

Here's a link to the participating products:
Participating products

Many times you'll see products in stores that have multiple coupons on them.  Some paper towel multipacks will have one coupon per roll. Sometimes grocery stores run promos in their flyer that you can earn 50 or 100 bonus boxtops just for buying participating products.

Any time you purchase these products, just remember to cut off the boxtop coupon on the package and save it in an envelope or drawer.  Once you have enough of them (I aim for 100 or more), list them on Ebay! 

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