Monday, February 21, 2011

Why you should join Upromise

I've learned that every little bit helps when trying to save money.  Today I'll be discussing why you should join Upromise even if you don't have any children/grandchildren who need to save for college.

Most people don't know that you can actually just WITHDRAW any money earned at Upromise.  You don't have to put it in a savings plan for college.  Last year I earned over $105 and requested a check (which arrived in about 4 weeks).  I've seen many people make more than that per year - but I'm fairly conservative and stick to grocery savings, ecoupons, etc.  I've seen other people take advantage of more of their programs and save $350 or more per year.  I realize that my $105 savings doesn't seem like much by iteself - but once I show you the other easy ways to save money, you'll realize that by combining all these methods you can really make a difference.

First - sign up here:
Upromise - The Smart Way to Save for College

To start, once you've signed up, go to "My Account" and then on the left under "Build My Earnings" click on "Register My Cards".  Go to "Register Grocery and Drugstore Cards" and add as many as you have.

1.  eCoupons:  Once a month go to the "Coupons and Deals" Tab and select "Grocery eCoupons".  Select any products you think you MIGHT purchase during the next month (or select them all - it doesn't hurt to do that) and make sure you ACTIVATE them by clicking the button on the right.  Once you have activated them, any time you shop at a store where you have registered the card on Upromise, they track your purchases and credit you for the coupons when you buy the items.  It's so easy and you don't have to give any coupons or have any hassle at the checkout.  And the best part is - if you do have physical coupons to give at the register you still get credit for the eCoupons - so it's like saving twice!

2. Groceries: You can earn between 1-5% on selected brands automatically - just by having your store cards registered.  To see what brands are participating - go to the "Ways to Earn" tab and then click on "Grocery" in the menu on the left.  You can either print the list or click on "Participating Products" next to the print button. 

3.  Restaurants:  You can earn up to 8% back on your dining purchases.  From McDonalds to some of the fancier restaurants - they cover many places you probably visit.  In order to take advantage of this savings, you simply register your credit card, sign up for their program and they automatically track your savings.  If you're going to be eating out anyways you might as well be getting some cash back for it.

4.  Online Shopping:  Any time you shop online you should check and see if Upromise offers cash back and use their links first.  From eBay to - they offer cash back on your online purchases.

There are many more ways to save - but these are the top 4 that I use to easily save extra money without much effort at Upromise.

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